On 16 December 2019 an article “The place and contents of good administration in Estonian law on the example of terminological diversity based on case-law and the practice of the chancellor of justice” by the partner of our law firm Sille Allikmets was published in the international scientific open access journal “Proceedings Estonian Academy of Security Sciences”. The article compares various terms used in Estonian law regarding good administration - “right to good administration”, “principle of good administration” and “good administration practice” through the content elements to clarify whether Estonian legal practice incorporates good administration as law, principle or practice in a similar or different way, to enable each person to rely comprehensively on good administration as law, principle or practice in order to protect their violated rights.

Aavik & Partners Law Office's attorney at law Elise Vasamäe has been recognized as Attorney of Year 2016 for creating Penalty Interest Calculator.

Aavik & Partners Law Office's attorneys at law Elise Vasamäe and Kersti Kägi have been rewarded Cross of Merit of Tallinn Fire Fighting Society for operational effectiveness at rendering legal services.

Aavik & Partners Law Office advised NCC Group in restructuring and the launch of Bonava business name and business structure. 

Aavik & Partners Law Office represented AS Olerex in the acquisition of Lukoil gas station chain. 

At Aavik & Partners Law Office, on the initiative and leadership of its attorney at law Elise Vasamäe, a web application for penalty interest calculator was created (http://www.viivisekalkulaator.ee), which allows calculate statutory interest and penalty interest very easily and quickly. Read more about the penalty interest calculator’s creation story: http://tehnika.postimees.ee/v2/3716151/volglaste-ja-laenajate-roomuks-tuntud-advokaat-loi-viivisekalkulaatori /to debtors’ and lenders’ satisfaction, the well-known lawyer created an interest calculator 

Aavik & Partners Law Office celebrated its tenth anniversary in March 2016! REF: http://www.aripaev.ee/uudised/2016/01/29/5000-firmat-mis-tanavu-juubelit-tahistavad /5000 companies that celebrate their jubilee this year  

Aavik & Partners Law Office’s attorney at law Andres Aavik was awarded the Medal of Honour of the Estonian Bar Association at its general assembly in 2016 for long-term excellent work and especially for outstanding achievements in professional work. REF: https://advokatuur.ee/est/advokatuur/teenetemedalid 

Aavik & Partners Law Office’s office manager Piret Kivisaar successfully participated in a competition of student works announced by the Estonian Bar Association with the bachelor thesis "Media impact on the reputation of legal profession in Estonia."

Reference to article: https://advokatuur.ee/est/uudised.n/advokatuuri-2016--a-uliopilastoode-konkursi-voitjad-on-selgunud

Aavik & Partners Law Office represented OÜ Vestros in the complaint to cancel the order of advertisement tax designation by Tallinn City Enterprise Board, and received a positive decision of the Supreme Court. Reference to decision: https://www.riigiteataja.ee/kohtuteave/kohtulahendi_analyys/12355

Aavik & Partners Law Office advised OÜ Jazz Pesulad Group in restructuring and the introduction of innovative software solutions. 

Aavik & Partners Law Office represented AS Spratfil in initiating reorganization procedure.  

Aavik & Partners Law Office has developed an effective option system of AS Elcogen. 

Aavik & Partners Law Office successfully carried out a share issue of AS Elcogen in the amount of 5 million euros. 

Aavik & Partners Law Office successfully represented Polar Tekstiil OÜ in a tax dispute with the Tax and Customs Board (TCB). The procedure resulted with cancellation of the tax decision upon which TCB deemed Polar Tekstiil OÜ to owe the largest amount of tax arrears in Estonia. 

Aavik & Partners Law Office advised a client in AS Dagöplast’s shares transfer transaction. 

Aavik & Partners Law Office successfully represented the Italian company Angelo Cremona S.p.A. in court action regarding compliance of Kohila plywood factory equipment with the agreement, which resulted with dismissal of a nearly million euro monetary claim submitted against them. Reference to decision: https://www.riigiteataja.ee/kohtulahendid/ detailid.html?id=150397562 

Aavik & Partners Law Office represented S. Mulyar and OAO AIT in the Supreme Court’s general assembly and in preceding court instances, as a result of which the client got a positive decision against the Tax and Customs Board. By the decision of Supreme Court’s general assembly, Code of Misdemeanour Procedure § 114 section 1 subsection 2 was declared unconstitutional and invalid to the extent that it does not allow a person outside the procedure submit a complaint against the part of decision made in general procedure according to Code of Misdemeanour Procedure § 73 subsection 1, upon which a transport vehicle belonging to the person outside the procedure is confiscated. Reference to decision: https://www.riigiteataja.ee/kohtulahendid/ detailid.html?id=187596431.

Aavik & Partners Law Office successfully represented AS Emor, both in extrajudicial and judicial proceeding in dispute on competition law against the Competition Authority. 

Aavik & Partners Law Office has advised a number of clients in the procedure of applying activity licences by Financial Supervising Authority. 

Aavik & Partners Law Office has successfully represented clients in large and significant real estate transactions, and in various construction and public procurement disputes.